Digital Signage Submission Guidelines

*** >> NOW ONE SIZE FOR EVERYWHERE 1920x1080 << ***

Digital Display

Digital signage is a tool used to communicate news, events and information relevant to the University of Maryland, Baltimore community. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to use the signs to communicate to a wide audience.

Submissions must be in a JPEG format.

We recommend your digital signage images include your school/organization branding to represent your affiliation. For examples of acceptable branding, please check with your school or development department.

    To set the size in PowerPoint
    1. Click on Design -> Page Setup
       (A window will appear using the drop down list.)
    2. To change Slides Size: Select Custom
      (Enter the correct inches for the digital sign you wish to post.)
    3. Use the specifications below to create a sign with Photoshop or other photo imaging program.

View display layout (have link to sample layout for each below)

pixels (Photoshop)

Dental School
SMC Campus Center
Bio Park

1920 x 1080

Please fill out the form:

Date to start Pick a date Date expires Pick a date
Please check the box for the locations where you would like to post the signs:

SMC Campus Center
Dental School

Please make sure your images are the correct size for the desired location.

Name:  Email:

Requesting group/unit/school: Affiliation:


Select file(s) to upload. (Your files names need to be unique.)

You must enter the code for your information to be recieved.

All submissions are subject to review from school/department.  Every effort will be made to post the submissions within 72 hours.