Room Reservation Request Form

In the area below, please include the following information: person/group that the reservation is for; date of reservation; beginning and ending time; number of participants. If you are making multiple room reservations, please number them.

Please note: Requestors needing A/V and technical equipment or assistance should contact SOD help desk at or call 410-706-2084.

Room Reference Guide

Room Number Capacity Food? AV
G205 150 no yes
G305 28 yes yes
G307 50 no yes
G309 26 yes yes
G310 106 no yes
G313 26 yes yes
G314 106 no yes
1310 14 yes yes
2310 14 yes yes
6105 20 yes yes
6316 8 yes no
7105 20 yes yes
8105 24 yes yes
9105 16 yes yes
9106 16 yes yes
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