Accessing Clinical Applications - Windows 8 Devices

NOTE:The following instructions must be performed from the Windows 8 Desktop, NOT from the Start Screen.

NOTE:These instructions are ONLY for Windows 8. Devices running Windows RT (such as the non-Pro Surface devices) are not supported by the Cisco AnyConnect client and cannot be used to connect to clinical applications. If you do not know whether your device runs Windows RT, contact your manufacturer.

DISCLAIMER: The School of Dentistry OIT department does not support non-University-owned devices and accepts no responsibility for their use or any behavior (intended or otherwise) resulting from following or attempting to follow the instructions below. This information is provided as a convenience only and with no warranty.

  1. FIRST - Register Your Device!
  2. VPN Configuration and Connection
  3. DentalApps Connection
  4. Disconnecting

FIRST - Register Your Device!

To comply with HIPAA laws and University policy, before you can use your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, AND laptop) to access clinical applications, your device MUST:

You must bring your device in person to the OIT office so that our staff can verify that it has been securely locked. You will need to know or be able to provide: If you do not know how to find your device's serial number, contact your device manufacturer and/or service provider.

VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) Configuration and Connection

  1. Go to the Desktop.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and go to
  3. Select your assigned group as follows:
    • Faculty and staff select SOD.
    • Students and residents select SOD-Student.
  4. Enter your UMID credentials and click OK.
  5. You will receive a prompt and the automatic installation will begin, if the VPN software has not already been installed.
  6. After a few minutes of installation, the VPN client will automatically attempt to connect using the group and login ID you have already provided.
  7. When you are successfully connected to the VPN, a window will pop up in the bottom right stating that you are "Connected to".

Connect to DentalApps

  1. Go to the Desktop.
  2. Open Internet Explorer from the Desktop (NOT from the Start Screen) and go to
  3. Login using your network credentials
  4. Click on "axiUm Live" icon
  5. Click "Connect" on the pop-up window
  6. Click "Ok" on the Terms of Computer Use policy
  7. Enter your network credentials one more time and click "Ok"



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