Wireless Access for Sponsored Guests

To access the wireless as a sponsored guest of the University, please have the person sponsoring you log in to http://authguest.umaryland.edu with their myUMB username and password and fill out the appropriate information.

To create a guest account

  1. To create an account for a guest, visit http://authguest.umaryland.edu
  2. Login using your myUM username and password.
  3. Once you are logged in you’ll see Create a single Guest Account in the upper right. Click on that to get to the creation screen.
  4. Just fill out the form (all the fields are required) and set the account start and end date (30 day max).
  5. After you click Add User, you will be presented with the options to e-mail the account information to the email address entered on the previous screen or to print the account information.
  6. The print-out of the e-mail will have instructions and the username and password for the guest to access the wireless network until the end date of the account is reached.

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