Faculty/Staff Printing with PaperCut

PaperCut is a print management solution used at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry to increase the efficiency of printing within the school.

You can access your printing account online at http://print.umaryland.edu

How to Self-Enroll at an HP Printer

The first time you print a document after PaperCut has been activated, you will need to associate your UMB OneCard with your Dental Network username and password. After you have done so, your OneCard will be used to authorize all documents that you print.

You may watch a video explaining these steps by clicking here.
  1. Attempt to log in to the printer by scanning your UMB OneCard over the label on a copier Scan your UMB OneCard here.
    • Label 'Scan UMB OneCard here'
  2. The device will inform you that the card is not known to the system, and ask you to associate the card with your account by pressing Next.
    • Prompt 'Unknown card'
  3. Press Next and you will be prompted for your Dental Network username and password. This is the login used on a daily basis to access computers within the building.
    • Inputs 'Username' and 'Password'
    1. Touch the blank below Username and key in your Dental Network username, then press OK.
      • On-screen keyboard to enter password
    2. Touch the blank below Password and key in your Dental Network password, then press OK.
  4. Press OK and if your username and password were entered correctly, you should be notified by the printer that your OneCard association was successful.
    • Prompt 'Card association successful'
  5. You will then be taken back to the initial login screen, where you can re-scan your OneCard to log in.
    • Prompt 'Touch Sign In to use the device'

How to Release and Pick Up Print Jobs

Once you have printed a document, visit the printer and log in to release and pick up your printout.

  1. Log in to the printer by scanning your UMB OneCard over the label on a copier Scan your UMB OneCard here.
  2. Once you are logged in, press Print Release to see all your queued print jobs.
    • NOTE: For clinical printers, certain essential clinic printouts from Axium will be released automatically for your convenience.
    • Icon 'Print Release'
  3. Confirm that all jobs you need printed are checked. Then press Print to have them printed.
    • Prompt 'Print'
  4. If you have any print jobs queued that you no longer need, you may delete them here, or they will automatically expire and be removed after 24 hours.

FindMe Printing - Print to ANY printer (Coming Soon)

"FindMe" printing is an aspect of PaperCut that allows users to print their documents to a special queue from any location, and then release the documents from any printer, at any time. PaperCut users can print to FindMe printers from any SOD workstation.

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