Policy: Loaner Laptops

  1. Loaner Policy for Students
  2. Loaner Policy for Faculty and Staff

Loaner Policy for Students

  1. This policy applies ONLY for students admitted in 2013 or earlier, who were provided with a laptop during orientation, paid for by student fees. Students admitted in 2014 or later, who have purchased their own laptops, not billed by UMB, under the BYOD program are not eligible for loaners.
  2. OIT maintains a limited supply of UMB-owned laptops ("Loaners") to assist students when repair, maintenance, and/or troubleshooting of laptops purchased through the UMB program ("Student laptops") may be necessary.
  3. Loaners are provided as a convenience to students. OIT is not obligated to provide a loaner at any time, and does not guarantee availability of loaners.
  4. Loaners are intended only as a temporary substitute to allow students to take advantage of UMB's online offerings while a student laptop is being repaired. As a result, a loaner will only be offered if the student laptop it is replacing is left with OIT for servicing.
    • Loaners WILL NOT be offered in any other situations, including but not limited to a student forgetting to bring his or her laptop to campus.
    • Loaners in any other extraordinary situations will be offered only at the discretion of OIT.
  5. Loaners are intended for short-term use only. A maximum loan period of 30 days will be offered, after which the loaner must be returned or the issue will be forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs for resolution; and the student may be charged the full purchase price of the loaner for its replacement and the loaner may be reported to police as stolen.
    • The loaner must be returned after the 30 days are up. Any extraordinary circumstances calling for an extension of the loan period will be addressed at the discretion of OIT.
  6. OIT is not responsible for any data on loaners at any time. All personal data on a loaner will be wiped when it is returned to OIT.
  7. OIT will not perform troubleshooting on loaners. If a student experiences a problem with a loaner currently in his or her possession, OIT may exchange it for another loaner pending availability. OIT is not responsible for any data on a malfunctioning loaner, as specified above.
  8. This policy will also apply to malfunctioning or broken AC adapters.
  9. Batteries or other accessories are not available for loan.

Loaner Policy for Faculty and Staff

  1. OIT offers loaners to faculty and staff as needed for presentations and projects.
  2. Requests for loaner(s) is MANDATORY all faculty/staff to complete the online OIT Loaner Request Form.
  3. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance prior to the scheduled check out date.
  4. OIT will confirm the request with the requester and advise if it is able to fulfill it. OIT is not obligated to provide a loaner at any time, and cannot ensure availability.
  5. Please know that OIT WILL NOT be able to fulfill any request that is not submitted to OIT Loaner Request Form, not requested in a timely manner or without advance notice.
  6. If someone other than the requester will be using the loaner(s), the requester accepts all responsibility for the loaner(s).
  7. If there is a theft or the equipment is discovered missing, the requester agrees to notify the OIT Office immediately, to submit a Police report with the proper authorities, and to otherwise assist with recovery of the equipment.
  8. Students desiring a laptop reservation for faculty/staff must have their sponsoring faculty request on their behalf.

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