New User Procedures

Below are the updated steps for meeting the Blackboard training requirements. Please refer to this for faculty and staff requests for SOD network logons, email accounts, UM IDs, and Axium/Romexis access.

  1. Submit a completed OIT Account Application Form for New Users to OIT.
    • Complete the yellow portion for all new users. This information is used to setup a SOD network account and email address.
    • Only complete the lower portion and obtain the appropriate signatures for users needing Axium and Romexis access.
  2. Obtain a UM ID for the new user
    • For full or part-time State employees, go to and select the First Time User, Setup Your Password link and follow the prompts.
    • For corporate employees, Dean's Faculty, volunteers, and other non-State employees such as vendors or contractors, the department administrator must log into the new UMB Community System to register a user.
  3. Instruct user to log onto Blackboard and review the Axium Level Blackboard and Certification Requirements to verify the training and assessments needed. Complete the required training/assessments and email BB− upon completion.
  4. Pick up network username, password, and/or Axium swipe card from OIT.

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